Welcome to I Ching Consulting!

Welcome to I Ching Consulting! I am offering I Ching Readings and lifestyle advice for all those who feel positive about the age-old Daoist Way of Wisdom, which was neither a religion nor a philosophy.

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Draw Inspiration from the I Ching

Audio Narrated by Peter Fritz Walter

There is nothing constant in the universe. All ebb and flow, and every shape that’s born bears in its womb the seeds of change.

—Ovid, Metamorphoses

Just as with the Bible, a literal presentation of the text of the age-old I Ching would result in a too narrow grasp of the wisdom book; this can at times be quite misleading.

Second, please consider that we are living in a modern society today, and our thinking has switched from a moralizing mode, so typical for former centuries, to a functional mode.

With the expression ‘functional mode’ I mean that we today are more inclined to locate moralistic reasoning within ‘religious’ sectarian opinions and find it rather unfit for a person who is spiritually awake, whereas we more easily welcome an empirical approach to life that is based on scientific evidence and human experience.  For when we divine, we are doing nothing else than involving our heart or subconscious mind in our decision-making process!

The I Ching has a clear and natural approach to morality, which means it does not embody a ‘moralizing’ approach. Taoism is based upon natural or genuine morality which can be expressed in what has been termed the ‘golden rule’ of not doing to others what you don’t want others do to you.

For example, the I Ching has nothing against wealth, but it is not enamored with poverty either; it recommends to remain simple and to see that our efforts should surpass a mere striving for comfort, as comfort alone cannot give  meaning to our lives. However, this does not mean that the I Ching suggests us to stay out of the world or to retire in the mountains. Not at all. The art of living the I Ching teaches is to stay in the world without becoming entangled with the world.

The I Ching doesn’t divide life in black and white, as our media so often do. The idea that a ‘punishing’ destiny is looming or that there is a revengeful God are not in accordance with the philosophical approach of the old wisdom book.

Also, as my own interpretation of the I Ching focuses on leadership, the art of leading others through properly leading self, it is essential to start with a positive mindset, rather than a fatalistic and superstitious one.

We are far beyond the times when people were consulting fortune tellers; today serious astrologers, numerologists, cartomancers, and life consultants are changing their consultancy style from ‘predictive’ to ‘psychological.’

All learning is gradual, and when it involves a change of basic behaviors, it is incremental. This means that evolving ‘from chaos to coherence’ will not be possible overnight. It’s a slow and gradual process; it starts with building awareness of ‘what is’ in order to move toward a different way of seeing the world.